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I believe that mother nature had it right

Ancestral Supplements UK - Brian Johnson's Story

"I believe that mother nature had it right" - Brian Johnson, Ancestral Nutrients


My name is Brian Johnson, and I want to give you an idea how I got to be known as The Liver King.

I’m sure most of us know deep down that Mankind was not designed to eat processed foods packed with E numbers and additives. Nor to breathe polluted air, drink polluted water, or spend our days alternating between an office desk and the couch. Every new piece of research shows how far modern living goes against our nature, both in mind and body. This conflict, and the nutritional deficiency of the modern diet in particular, is the number one cause of so many of our health and wellbeing issues today.

When my young sons developed a host of allergies and autoimmune disorders I took action. Every doctor prescribed the usual antihistamines and epi pens. We tried something different. After reading the ground-breaking work of Weston Price we went organic, and started eating pasture-raised and wild-caught foods, nose-to-tail, with seasonal, home-grown and wild-picked fruits and vegetables. In no time my boys were not only free of their health conditions, but they never got flu again. And something else happened. They got strong. They were now in the 99th percentile in gym class, and their academic grades went up too. What had just happened?

I believe in the evolutionary theory of health and wellness. For millions of years our ancestors lived as powerful, healthy warriors; strong, lean, healthy and fit. And through most of human history they consumed, nose-to-tail, everything they won in the hunt, and eating organs from healthy animals was thought to strengthen, heal and support the corresponding part of their bodies.

I know we can’t all leave the office life behind and go hunting, but I do believe animal organs to be the ultimate superfood and that eating them can recreate a critical element of our ancestral environment in the modern world. Which is why I started Ancestral Supplements. Grass-fed in New Zealand, our beef is pasture raised, hormone-free, and non-GMO. Now there’s no excuse. Experience the unrivalled nutritional richness and health benefits of the whole animal, in harmony with nature, the old fashioned way. The way our early ancestors did.

And remember, you are a descendant of the genus Homo - the baddest mammalian predator that ever lived! Buy Ancestral Supplements, and reclaim your strength, health and happiness in the modern world.


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